Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Capitol Tea Party

The local media (ABC, CBS, and newspaper) did a helluva job covering the Tallahassee Tea Party yesterday (April 15). And I do mean “helluva” job.” That is, they reported “hundreds” in attendance, where some in law enforcement estimated 2,000-3,000 participants. Too, they did mention “a large banner” asking passerbys to honk, although there were at least 50 signs saying such things as “honk if you’re tired of high taxes” held by demonstrators lining the street in front of the Capitol, and so many drivers honked their horns that, at times, it sounded like one continuous blare.

Nonetheless, it did get local coverage, so that, in itself, was at least something. Of course, had it been a riot or a “peace” march, the media would have had continuous live coverage and maybe a few helicopters overhead. But, then, in all fairness, a couple of thousand law abiding citizens holding signs, clapping, and hoorah-ing at particularly salient points made by those at the microphone can hardly measure up to bloody riots or the vitriolic hyperbole of “pinkies.”

Despite the not-so-enthusiastic coverage by local media, it was a remarkable event which brought out everyday folks of every race, background, and political persuasion who had never in their wildest dreams thought that they would be involved in any demonstration. But then, neither had they ever imagined a day when their elected representives would turn a deaf ear to them nor that the United States government would become so paranoid that military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan would be labelled potential threats to the nation.

The Dept. of Homeland Security says I’m a dangerous radical—all 5’1”, 115 lbs. of me, but label me what you will, I’m looking forward to more tea parties where I can stand with other “radicals” to defend the Bill of Rights, the right to pursue happiness, and the right to keep a couple of my hard earned dollars to buy some groceries, pay my mortgage and medical insurance premiums, and even set a little aside for my precious grandchildren.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Euphemistically speaking

I never cease to be amazed at the alacrity with which “progressives” use the English language to confuse and confound the public. We all know about the terms coined by the Obama Administration in which the war on terror becomes an “Overseas Contingency Operation” and terrorist acts are “man caused disasters. Yet, how many people have stopped to think about the so-called “Green” movement which, in this writer’s opinion, is completely inaccurate.

Unless I’ve got this all wrong, the stated goal of the “Green” movement is to steer the Earth away from so-called global warming by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and thus induce global cooling. Obviously, then, it should actually be named the “White” movement, since ice and snow are white. Unfortunately, the term “white” is politically incorrect in that, in our current civilization, it is viewed as racist. Too, the word “green” carries lovely connotations of springtime and flowers, trees and grass—images all humanity relishes—while “white” connotes a coldness and emptiness that is unlikely to capture anyone’s imagination.

But, then, perhaps I’ve missed something. Ah, yes! “Green” also connotes images of dollar bills. Hmm. Maybe while the sheep among us are led to believe that the whole movement is about saving our world from destruction, those who have foisted this global warming nonsense upon us are actually in it for the green that will line their pockets when mankind is forced to purchase the “green” products in which they have invested and politicians salivate at the prospect of the huge tax revenues inherent in the “cap and trade” scheme.

Imagine. Forty-eight years ago, George Orwell predicted this very “newspeak” in his novel 1984. I wonder if that is still required reading in high school. Somehow, I doubt it.